Here's what Dance Barn is all about

Excellent Technique and Affordability

  • Student Fees: Although we don’t have reduced prices for families, we keep our prices low so that all families can benefit from our reasonable prices.


  • We don’t believe in purchasing expensive costumes that’ll only be used once, so we keep all costume prices reasonably low, sometimes drawing on students’ wardrobes. When purchasing more expensive costumes, we keep them at the studio to be rented out to subsequent classes. Occasionally, students are permitted to keep their costumes if we are unable to be use them in the future.

Competitions and Exams

  • We value retaining dance as an enjoyable pursuit without competitive pressure. We have therefore chosen to not to take part in competitive events or exams, but we still maintain our priority to pursue excellence in dance.

  • We believe that dance is an art, not a sport. Although we train our bodies well, we also want to express ourselves emotionally and creatively.


  • We view the families involved in our studio as a community and encourage students to support and cheer one another along on their dance journey.

  • In order to keep our prices low, we appreciate parents volunteering their time to help with studio events as they are able.

  • We encourage students to respect one another in class situation and not disrespect their fellow students or instructors verbally, physically, or emotionally.

Costuming, Music, and Movement Choices

  • The Dance Barn values the purity of our students and have therefore chosen to keep music and movement choices that are age appropriate, are respectful to our students bodies and characters, and have a positive influence on our culture.

Levels and Ages

  • We believe in pushing students to THEIR OWN next level — understanding that that process should be enjoyably challenging and confidently inspiring.

  • We believe that people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to train and develop in any form of dance.

  • We don’t believe in over-extending the bodies natural abilities in order to keep our dancers’ bodies safe and able to dance for many years to come.

  • We believe that dance is for a lifetime and, therefore, our students don’t finish their careers when they’re done high school. It’s actually just the beginning.

Refunds and Withdrawals

  • Refunds for withdrawals will only be offered until the end of the 2nd week of classes for each semester, and autopays will be ongoing, unless a doctor's note is provided. (Registration Fees are non-refundable)

  • We reserve the right to withdraw students who have been registered into the incorrect age or level category

  • Missed classes will not be reimbursed

  • Late registration will NOT be pro-rated

  • Class cancellations due to instructor illness will be rescheduled to another day

  • Class cancellations due to low enrollment will be 100% refunded.