Intro to Dance: A bit of several styles of dance, designed to get our youngest dancers moving to the beat and learning to create movement in a group.

Preschool Ballet: This is an introduction to ballet foundations for our smallest ballerinas.

Ballet: A classic form of dance, ballet is the foundation behind every genre. This class, no matter the level, will greatly improve posture, balance and technique for every dancer. We also offer Pointe as well.

Esteem Ballet: Always wanted to take ballet, but were afraid of the ballet outfits and the performances? Here's your chance to move like a ballerina in a class full of mature dancers who are just starting too. Wear what you like. No public performance. Just basic ballet technique that's safe for your muscles and joints and beautiful for your body.

Tap: This is a fun, popular class for dancers, it's like drumming with your feet. Tap dancing is an energetic dance style where students learn rhythm, style and technique through percussive footwork. Tap develops strong co-ordination and a sense of timing and musicality. 

Jazz:  An upbeat/energetic, fun to learn form of dance! Dancers are encouraged to add their own personality to make each step unique and fun. The major technical elements (turns, kicks, and jumps) draw from ballet and is taught in a variety of levels.

Contemporary: Express yourself through this grounded and creative form of dance that draws from ballet and various contemporary techniques.

Hiphop: Popular form of dance that will have you grooving in no time! This class will introduce you to all sorts of moves and music from old to the new! Enjoy Hip Hop with your friends in this urban, energetic and powerful style. 

Break: This class does not require any previous breakdance experience, but will move at a faster pace to quickly further your breaking technique.

Ribbon Dancing: An introduction to learn to dance with the addition of a 4 metre ribbon! This class allows students to move a ribbon while moving themselves, all with the help of rhythmic gymnastics techniques. An extra fee will be added to cover the use of the ribbons.

Social Dancing: Learn couple dancing in a variety of genres - swing, waltz, rhumba, foxtrot & cha cha. Drop-in Classes. Couples and singles welcome.

Dancing for Healing: Sometimes emotions have no words.The Dancing for your Healing classes will give students an opportunity to begin to address areas of deep emotion (pain, fear, joy, anxiety...) by expressing them, non-verbally, through movement. We will seek to provide a safe environment so that we can listen to each others' stories, explore movement as it expresses and relates to those stories and support one another in the process. 


Level I - Starting to learn and develop the foundational skills for a dance discipline.

Level II - Has completed 2-3 years at Level I mastering the basic foundations and is beginning to build intermediate skills

Level III - Has completed 2-3 years at Level II mastering intermediate skills and is starting to build advanced skills

Level IV - Has complete 2-3 years at Level III, mastering advanced skills and is entering pre-professional training



Our Social Dancing Classes are drop-in, so there's no need to enrol. Just create an account and come to the class!