Fees for our 2017-2018 Season are posted below.


  • Above price includes tax
  • Price excludes costume fees and registration fees which are paid up front

Please note: REGISTRATIONS ARE FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR, SO THAT YOUR SPOT CAN BE RESERVED FROM SEPTEMBER TO MAY (if you are not wanting to continue into the new year, please let us know by January 1st and we will remove you from the roster; however, please note that you only have the first two weeks of each semester to withdraw).

BASIC BREAKDOWN OF FEES - the fees below will be applied to your account and payments can be made in 2 instalments (1 payment per semester) OR by monthly auto-payments by cash, cheque or credit card:

  • Registration Fee: $25.00 (plus tax)
  • Costume Fee: $30.00 (plus tax) per semester
  • Student Fees (1 hr. class): $460.00 (plus tax). * Please note that if you are registering for the January semester only, the rate is reduced accordingly