Backwards and Forwards

As the Dance Barn reaches it’s 15 year mark, it’s a great time to reflect on how we got here...

My daughters were still young when I first decided to start a dance class in my living room. It was a desperate attempt to train them in dance that cared about their purity, movement that was honouring to who they are, choreography that came from an inspired place of creativity. Turns out there were a whole lot more moms and dads that felt the same way I did - within a year and a half I had 11 dance classes happening in our living room!

The Dance Barn was actually a barn we renovated to become our studio as more and more families joined in on the fun - it was a unique rustic structure overlooking the valley farmlands of Fort Langley with massive sliding doors the could be opened to the stunning expanse of green beyond. But it was cold in the winters. The Mirror fullll-time students who arrived in the early morning would be layered in warm pants and parkas and toques and mitts while they began classes, gradually shedding layer by layer as their bodies warmed with each dance exercise.

It was a great start to something very unexpected. Classes continued to grow and when our lease on the barn property ended, we hunted down a new, larger facility in a more central vicinity and launched a second time. We have been pleasantly amazed that the studio has continued year after year. Hundreds of students have passed through our doors for a short or a long time and we have loved watching that dance development of each one.

Our Mirror Program, which began in 2005 has seen seven graduating classes out of it’s 4 year program, with students coming from as far away as Germany, Spain, Sweden and the US and as close as our very own studio. Dozens of productions have been created and performed and international performances have been done in France, Israel, Greece, England and across Canada.

We are envisioning new things for the further evolution of the studio and can't wait to see them unfold. Can you imagine if we could expand what we are doing in dance into all areas of the arts? We are considering this possibility and look forward to seeing what develops in the next months and years.

We are thrilled that you are on this journey with us - your families are invaluable to the Dance Barn! We hope that our vision continues to interlock with yours and that we’ll keep facilitating your dance aspirations for you and your children.