Purity and Innocence

A video on YouTube last year hit the media with force...in it, a troupe of 8 year olds girls, dressed to the hilt in bustiers, garters and gloves started into a risqué jazz routine complete with grinding, thrusting hips and sexually suggestive movement. Talk show hosts and television commentators criticized, or justified, the girls’ dancing according to their personal opinion - a host on "The View" excused it as "Just the dress for a certain dance form, so it's acceptable." As a mother of 3 daughters I had my own perspective - it was not only inappropriate, it was embarrassing. For me, I am a firm believer in promoting the purity of youth and in facilitating dance movement that celebrates the beauty of young energy, joy and freedom, without complicating it with adult themes. Youth lasts such a short time - purity and innocence are fleeting in this culture of ours - why not give it room to breathe for as long as we can? We have chosen to raise up a staff who encourage our students to be free in who they are - we release them to move in creative ways; we give them the technical tools to execute movement with excellence, effectiveness and strength - all without requiring them to compromise their youthful integrity.