Poetry in Motion

I often lament that I have led my daughters out into this uncertain profession of dance - frankly, they all love it - but to be honest, I fear for them. I fear that they won't be understood; I fear that they won't find their place; I fear that they will live as starving artists; I fear that they won't dance. Since "perfect love casts out all fear" I know that I need only lean on the Creator, who dispels fear, and allow Him to peacefully, confidently, lead these young women into the things that they were created for. Although dance may not be one of the most lucrative of life pursuits, it is in all certainty, an unreasonable fabrication of a Divine passion - in short, God wants it to "be".


And who am I to fight God? I have become resigned to unloosing my girls to the creative kinetic compulsion that is intrinsic to who they are. Thankfully some key people around them "get it" - Grandparents, friends, church-folk, the artistic ccommunity they live in...and for that I am grateful. My mother-in-law is a poet - a very good one - her words dance on pages and evoke images near real in a creative mind and she has managed to articulate the great mystery of this gift of my daughters' dance. Here it is - savour it. Thank you Sheila for affirming this uncommon call.


Granddaughters Dancing


All their young lives, they’ve been gathering, 

folding the world into themselves, 


winding it into enigmatic balls of string.  

Now they begin to unwind the enigma, 

dancing themselves into the world. 


They are string-writing on the stage floor 

in a mutable moving script.